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Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Family

Every year on 14th February people celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends. Couples send Valentine’s Day cards, flowers or chocolates and spend special time together to honour their love for each other.

While Valentine’s Day does hold a special place for lovers, it is meant for everyone, not just a day for passion. It’s a day to lift others out of the cold drab of February and warm them with a dash or more of your kindness and attention. It’s a day to say to them, “My life is sweeter because you’re in it.” Parents, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, neighbours, teachers and all sorts of friends at school — they can all be your valentines!

There are different ways to celebrate the day if you decide to spend it with your family then here are some ideas to celebrate and gets the kids involved, especially those younger one.

Have a movie night

Grab your pillows and blankets, settle down for the evening and watch a film associated with a good love story that children will enjoy. Beauty and the Beast, Enchanted, Shrek and Lady and the Tramp are all great suggestions. Why not add popcorn and a pink milkshake for a more Valentine’s theme to help set the tone?

    Make Cards

    After explaining what Valentine’s Day is all about help the kids make cards for loved ones or friends. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simply use some cards and cut out heart shapes or flowers and stick them on the front or inside. Make sure to write inside why you love that person so much and why they are special to you. This really could make somebody’s day!

      Make a Fancy Dinner

      Ditch the jeans and get dressed up in your best attire for dinner. Include the kids in the prep and select food that will interest them and encourage them to get involved. Maybe a homemade heart-shaped pizza or some strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert would be easy for them to help make. Let them set the table and get some red napkins to match. Maybe let the children do the serving and you can pretend you are on a date!

        Enjoy Valentine’s Breakfast

        What a way to start the day! Nothing is more exciting than making pancakes and flipping them so why not try making some heart-shaped ones? Have these along with strawberries and chocolate shavings to be super indulgent. If pancakes don’t float your boat you could try waffles or crumpets.

          Have a picnic Lunch at Home

          Pack a hamper of your favourite sandwiches cut into hearts or stars, grab a flask of chocolate or strawberry milkshake, make a skewer of strawberries and marshmallows or other fruit for after and head to your living room. Roll out the picnic blanket and all sit together for lunch. This is an excellent idea if the weather isn’t on your side.

            Make some Valentine’s Day Crafts

            • Try some family finger painting. Each person makes a heart from their fingerprints starting with a big heart and then they can gradually get smaller inside one another.
            • Another great idea is to print a photo of the family and mount it on the coloured card and add some decoration to make a frame.
            • Children enjoy painting so why not cut out some cardboard hearts and let them put together a picture with those after painting each heart?
            • Paint a family tree and use hearts instead of leaves. Write in the names of the family members and friends that are special to you.
            • Create a mobile by cutting out cardboard hearts after colouring or painting them and attaching them to string and letting them hang from a stick that you can hang up.

            The list of ideas and ways to celebrate 14th February are endless! Getting the family involved lets them know how important it is to let people know how special they are and celebrate the fact that we have them in our lives.

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