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8 Ideas For a Fun Filled Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day to appreciate and celebrate the men that are important in your life. This could be your dad, stepdad, grandfather, brother, uncle – whoever they are here are some activities to help you celebrate the day.

A Father’s Day Picnic

This is an easy activity to do especially if the weather is good. Plan the picnic around what the special person in your life loves to eat. Go for a lovely walk in the countryside or bring along some equipment to play outdoor games such as badminton or flying a kite.

A Bike Ride Adventure

Plan a bike ride adventure with a scenic route along the way. Bring a camera and take pictures of things you see and do. Try and take a few ‘Father’s day’ selfies together then when you get home you can create a scrapbook of your day or create a picture of what you have seen. Perhaps bring along a picnic on your cycling adventure.

A Craft Project

This is a great way to spend quality time together. Make some junk art or a robot inspired by your special person. You will have great fun together as you design and build the project.

A Father’s Day Bake- off

Get baking to have some fun on Father’s Day. Spend quality time picking out what to bake, buying the ingredients, cracking the eggs, and the best bit of course, licking the spoon! Once your creation is ready, enjoy sitting down together and eating the scrumptious treat. You could choose to bake your Dad’s (or special person’s) favourite recipe.

Build A Den

This is a fun outdoor activity providing the weather is good. If you are in the garden use old rugs or picnic blankets to build the den by draping them over the garden furniture or washing line. If you are in the forest or woods, collect sticks and branches to make your den. Be sure to take some photos of your creation.

Get Active

Have you got a sporty dad or an active an in your life? If so, then suggest going to the park to play your favourite game together. These activities are a great way to get all the family involved and you could even enjoy a picnic afterwards.

Have A Games Night

A great way to end a busy Father’s Day is to play your favourite board games together. Sit together at the dining table or on the floor, set out your board games, get some tasty snacks and drinks and enjoy!

Watch A Movie

Treat your dad or special person to his favourite snack and put on a film you know he will love or you know he will love or you both enjoy watching together. This is a great way to end a busy Father’s Day.

Whatever you get up to with the special man in your life, enjoy the day celebrating.

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