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31 Content Ideas For The Festive Season

As the Christmas season approaches, businesses have a unique opportunity to connect with their audience and spread some festive cheer. To help you make the most of December, I’ve curated a list of 31 content ideas for each day to engage your customers, spark excitement, and drive sales. From gift guides to behind-the-scenes glimpses and holiday-themed promotions, let’s explore a range of creative ideas to make your December marketing campaign merry and bright.

  1. December 1st: Christmas gift guide for different demographics (e.g., for kids, for tech enthusiasts, for pet lovers).
  2. December 2nd: Share a festive recipe related to your business niche.
  3. December 3rd: Behind-the-scenes look at your business preparations for the festive season.
  4. December 4th: Customer spotlight featuring a loyal customer or a success story.
  5. December 5th: Christmas-themed trivia or quiz related to your industry.
  6. December 6th: Offer a limited-time discount or promotion exclusively for that day.
  7. December 7th: Showcase your favourite charitable cause or share ways to give back during December.
  8. December 8th: Share a heartwarming customer testimonial or review.
  9. December 9th: Highlight your team members and their Christmas traditions.
  10. December 10th: Create a Christmas-themed infographic or visual content related to your industry.
  11. December 11th: Ask your audience to share their favourite December memories or traditions in the comments.
  12. December 12th: Recommend a selection of books or movies related to your business niche for cosy Christmas entertainment.
  13. December 13th: Run a festive-themed contest or giveaway on social media.
  14. December 14th: Provide tips for stress-free Christmas shopping or preparations.
  15. December 15th: Share a fun Christmas DIY project related to your products or services.
  16. December 16th: Collaborate with another business for a joint promotion or giveaway.
  17. December 17th: Ask your followers to share their gift wishlist or gift ideas using your products.
  18. December 18th: Feature a local charity or nonprofit organisation and encourage donations.
  19. December 19th: Host a live Q&A session on social media, answering questions related to your industry or products.
  20. December 20th: Share a Christmas playlist or a curated selection of music for the season.
  21. December 21st: Share tips for staying healthy and maintaining well-being during the Christmas break.
  22. December 22nd: Show your audience how to create a festive table setting or decorations.
  23. December 23rd: Run a flash sale or last-minute promotion for shoppers.
  24. December 24th: Share a heartfelt holiday message or story from your business.
  25. December 25th: Wish your audience a Merry Christmas with a special discount or giveaway.
  26. December 26th: Offer tips for post-Christmas relaxation or self-care.
  27. December 27th: Share a recap of your business highlights and achievements from the past year.
  28. December 28th: Preview upcoming products or services for the new year.
  29. December 29th: Ask your followers for their New Year’s resolutions or goals.
  30. December 30th: Share a sneak peek of what’s to come in the next year for your business.
  31. December 31st: Reflect on the year and express gratitude to your customers and followers.

December is a month brimming with opportunities to connect with your audience and spread holiday joy. By utilising these 31 content ideas, you can captivate your customers, foster a sense of community, and boost your business during the festive season. Remember, adapt these ideas to suit your brand and audience, and don’t forget to embrace the Christmas spirit and share your gratitude for your customers and followers.

Best wishes for a successful December marketing campaign!

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