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Based in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, I am a specialist content writer in blogging and social media optimisation for businesses and brands. 

Aside from my business I am a School business mentor for the Charity Young Enterprise NI and I write for many lifestyle blogs based around inspirational pieces for family, travel, books and home décor.

Graduating with a degree in Business Management the dream had always been to be a leader in my field, an educator in business, my own boss and have a great work life balance. Content Creation has let me achieve all of the above through outstanding results and feedback from my clients.

  • My favourite TV series is “This is Us” – I dare you to find a bad episode, there are none!
  • I’ve a strange obsession for prison related documentaries especially about Death Row.
  • I have an overwhelming love for Ice cream – I would say it is a borderline addiction.
  • I love 90s hip hop music.
  • I have a total hatred of gherkins and pigeons.
  • My favourite cities are New York and Chicago.
  • I am actually allergic to the sun…yes you read that right. I suffer from polymorphic light eruption. Luckily for me Northern Ireland doesn’t see that much sun so it’s not a massive problem!