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6 Types Of Social Media Content That Brings Value

6 Types Of Social Media Content That Brings Value

When you spend so long creating content you want engagement, virality, retweets, likes, shares, followers, that goes without saying. What kind of social media content gets those hits? More importantly, what content type gives you the most value?

1. Infographics

Infographics are the most socially shared form of content. Infographics have more virality than presentations and documents because they are incredibly engaging. Since humans process visual information faster than words, it makes sense.

It is much easier to look at a visual than to read a large paragraph telling us the same information. We understand the content better when it’s paired with pictures.

2. Interactive Content

Interactive content is massively popular. One of the most viral forms of interactive content is a quiz. Quizzes are  considered a two-way form of content. Users do something with it rather than just consume it. People also love to share their quiz results in comparison to others.

3. Content That Evokes Strong Positive Emotion

If your social media content doesn’t spark people’s emotions, then it probably won’t get shared very much. You have resonate with people and make give them something to connect themselves to you whether it be the same point or view or sharing something personal that they can relate to.

4. Content With Images

It shouldn’t be a surprise that image-rich content is incredibly shareable. Remember the first point in this article—the bit about infographics? The brain loves images. When you cover your social media content with images, the eyes and the brain gravitate toward it, engage with it, and share it.

5. List Posts

Here is a common classification:

  1. List Posts: Content that has a certain number of points, like the article you’re reading now.
  2. How-to Posts: Content that explains exactly how to do something.
  3. What Posts: News articles and general information.
  4. Why Posts: These are explaining articles, and they usually include the word “why” in the title.

6. Newsworthy Content

In raw numbers, news articles get more social shares than any other type of article. Here’s the challenge. It’s hard to be a source that breaks news as it happens. When you spot an opportunity to be one of the first to break a story or share a how to – jump at it, particularly if it relates to social media itself.


Now that you know the most shareable types of social media content, what should you do?

Before you share anything, learn what your audience wants and develop a powerful strategy.

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