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5 Ways To Find More Time In Your Business

Five wats to find more time in your business

Having a business, especially running your own, maybe something you have always dreamed of. You Can set your working hours, be more flexible with appointments or meetings, work remotely, the list goes on — it is, nonetheless, a massive undertaking. Having a successful venture may feel like you need to be involved in all aspects of your business, from budgeting to hiring staff, but that mindset might be the one that makes you feel like you have no time left on your hands. Here are five ways to make more time for your business without suffering from burnout. 

Plan In Advance

One of the big mistakes business owners make is trying to work on everything at once and without a strategic workflow to follow. The problem with this is that while you are ticking things off the ‘to-do’ list, there is no long-term planning in place. With specific targets, deadlines or goals to achieve, you can break down the parts of your work that take the most time and re-arrange your work schedule to account for this time frame you need.

Use The Time Block Technique

Time blocking is a planning method that divides your day into smaller chunks. During a specific block of time, you can focus on a single task or a group of similar tasks. The big benefit of time blocking is that it keeps you task-focused and limits the ability of others to infringe on your time.

You plan your week by adjusting your time blocks accordingly for each day with a priority in mind. Reviewing the tasks at the of the day will ensure that any unfinished items turn into new blocks for the next day. 

Google Calendar is one of the most popular calendar apps and it is great for offering you a lot of flexibility to time block your schedule.

Outsource Time-Consuming Tasks

Think about the tasks that you are not very good at, take you the most amount of time and that you lack knowledge in. Business owners feel like they need to constantly be doing everything themselves as it is their business but doing this, it takes a lot of time away that could be spent on scaling and growing the business. 

If you have been struggling with your content lately, or it is just non-existent, I take the hassle out of writing, and through the use of content blogging and storytelling, I can get your personality and brand message out there to your ideal customer. You can contact me for more information on how I put together a strategy that works for you and your business.

Streamline Your Marketing

 One of the main activities that can be overly time-consuming is marketing. Why does it feel that way? A lot of businesses create content then and there, post by post, rather than schedule in advance with a marketing plan in place. This can take up hours of effort of work physical work and brain drain. Instead, free up some of your time by creating a content calendar and batching your content. This way, you are not spending valuable minutes and hours on apps as it will all be done in advance.

The same goes for Email marketing. Create a mailing list and use the content that you have already produced for blogs, social media, and promotional material and repurpose this into your newsletter – this works 

vice versa. A simple copy and paste method that can eliminate hours of staring at a computer screen thinking “what can I share next?”

Use Tools and Systems

The whole purpose of tolls and systems is to make tasks easier and more effective. For digital tasks, you can save a great deal of time by using automation as it removes repetitive and time-consuming tasks meaning you can be more focused and innovative on other jobs.

Using social media post schedulers such as creator studio, Later or business suites, for example, saves you logging on to your social platforms every morning to post your content. This is especially good if you are on annual leave or have back-to-back meetings with no time to dedicate to social media. 

If you are not great at designing graphics and find it time-consuming to even try and create a social media post, then use Canva templates to save you hours of frustration. Simply type your content into the prepared template and voila. 

Note that initially, you’ll have to invest extra time to learn and set up the tools. When you do, you can save yourself hours every week.

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