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Why Does Content Matter?

Why Does Content Matter?

When People are not seeing your content the solution is not to create more and more of it.

It can be tiresome going through the cycle of brainstorming ideas, picking a topic, writing the content, finding great images, and finally hitting publish. Then comes the promo for the content you have just generated, it can all be so time consuming.

By the time you create a graphic for it, roll it out on to your social media channels, share it on your insta stories, leave the link in the bio, look at your clock and maybe three hours have passed by. The job is done, you close the browser until next week when you must do it all over again!

Your Content Matters

The truth about blogging is that the focus of your time should be actually creating content and the other 90% should be spent promoting it, sharing  it and re-sharing it  again so that the content doesn’t live and die with just one single post.

Ask yourself this- are you creating just for the sake of publishing something, or are you creating with a purpose?  You need to work smarter, not harder so your content can live on beyond the day you publish it.

If you are creating intentional content with teachable value and insight, then it’s likely content will withstand the test of time and be referenced again and again. That is called evergreen and the way you should be posting. Do not be in a rush to create content just so that the publish button can be hit, a tick placed beside the action  on your “to do” list and then move on.

If you are reading this and thinking “I do not even have a blog for my business” you need to get one. This is vital to a business in a marketplace where content is king. Here is five reasons why your business needs a blog.

1.Be Strategic and Create Smart

When you blog do not write things like “last week on the blog I said” or reference time frames because these posts will not be as relevant several months down the line. This will allow you to get traction on this piece again at a later date.

Rather than always having the big focus be on fresh, new content, think about how you can share what you have already created – repurpose it.  Change a few lines, update any information that may need updated,  It takes less time to promote as you already have the graphics ready to go, so if you can nail down this idea, you can save yourself time while driving bigger results.

2.Keep It Simple

If you write a blog post and it has 5 points in it then break these up and create the same number of single promotional posts. You then have 5 social media posts to spread out over the course of the weeks, and again you could create a podcast, a you tube video or an email newsletter from the same blog post. This saves so much time and means that you can link all these articles to the one blog that will get fresh eyes on it with every post.

Look for inspiration online, via podcasts, Facebook groups, networking events, webinars, the list goes on.  You do not always have to be coming up with a totally different idea yourself. Listen to those around you and create a piece of content from what you have heard in your own words. Put a unique spin on it and that way it is your content.

3.Create Thoughtfully

What is the goal of each post? How will you measure and tie actual results to that piece of content beyond vanity metrics? Anytime you put something out into the world, it should accomplish something bigger than just being a box you check off on your to-do list. You need to make sure every single task you are working on, every item on your to-do list can be tied to a tangible result. Make the content meaningful and though provoking and your readers will come back.

4.Work Smarter Not Harder

Do not rush to hit the publish button on something new if you already have older content you can refresh. If you are generating something new make sure its evergreen and can be used multiple times over different media platforms saving you time and filling in the gaps when you are struggling for content. Spend time looking online for content ideas if you are running low. Content calendars are a great tool for inspiration and again someone else has come up with the themes saving you time once again. Turn old into new by refreshing the content and bringing it up to date. It will save you so much time and effort going forward.

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