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Blog Series: Lucky Night Studio

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Naomi Bowden & Louise Moxhay are the co-founders of Lucky Night Studio, a Digital Design & Web Agency for playful young businesses with immense ambition. Working with small charities, local eco-travel initiatives, slow fashion brands and animal welfare projects means that each design is particularly fun to be part of.

As long as the business owner is vibrant, fun and your company is impacting the world for good, Lucky Night Studio is the design agency for you.

Can you tell us about your background?

Both of us have worked in-house, agency-side and for startups throughout the South West for the past 10 years. Louise’s roles have largely been software and data focussed for startups and fintech brands, and Naomi has worked as a graphic and web designer for local agencies and healthcare businesses with a focus on branding and marketing design.

Where did your business idea come from?

We’ve been close friends for over a decade, and working in similar industries we’ve always ‘talked shop’ and lamented over things we would do differently if given the chance. We’d talked about setting up an agency for years but it never felt like the right time. In 2021, after a year of the pandemic, we realised that building something of our own was exactly what we both needed. We were dissatisfied with our day jobs and felt no connection to the projects we were working on, so started Lucky Night Studio with the aim to only work with businesses that lit a fire inside of us.

What do most of your clients come to you for?

Our cohesive branding and web design package! You get the benefit of working with a seasoned creative designer to create brand messaging and visuals that give you clarity around your business and attract your dream customer, and then working with a talented developer and software engineer to create digital products and custom websites that perform beautifully and convert your audience.

What is your biggest Ah-Ha moment in business?

When we realised that we could offer different levels of services across different price points. When we first launched we did so with just a handful of brand and website packages, but after some market research and evaluation, we decided to diversify our range to shoppable templates, lighter branding and website bundles and 1-1 Days. We started out believing we had to offer one thing, and be super-specific about what that one thing is, but since deciding to branch out more of our audience feels considered and included in our offers and it’s had a big impact.

What is the most in-demand service you are providing for clients?

At Lucky Night Studio website design is our biggest seller. There are a lot of amazing and creative young businesses out there who have designed logos and marketing materials they’re happy with, but websites seem to be a real barrier for many. Whether it’s custom builds, Squarespace tweaks or SEO deep dives, our website services are the best sellers.

What distinguishes your business making it unique?

We made a decision early on to lean into our bright personalities and make the Lucky Night Studio brand fun, engaging and silly. We embody this in our visuals, our content and our values and it’s paid off hugely – our audience is engaged, fun and a great place to hang out!

Can you share a piece of free business advice to any business reading this blog series

When creating any design or web work, start with your ideal customer in mind rather than creating things you just like the look of. Ask yourself: – Does this solve my customer’s problem? – Does this appeal to my customer’s taste level? – Will this be published where my customer can find it?

Share one key to success in business

Be kind and helpful all the time. This doesn’t mean giving away hours of your time for free, but words of encouragement, tips and tricks and offers of small favours tend to come back to you tenfold and make your business world a much nicer place to be.

To link up with Louise and Naomi be sure to engage with their social media platforms linked below.

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