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A Simple Instagram Content Strategy

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Before you even begin posting anything on Instagram you need to understand why you are creating that content in the first place. Everything you post should have a purpose, support your business goals and strengthen the authenticity of your brand. Outlining a simple Instagram content strategy can help you achieve these aims.

The basic starting point is your story.

The most important step in pulling together your social media strategy is to brainstorm how you can connect your brand and business story to your audience. How can they relate your products or services? Make sure your story is instantly evident and consistent across your page.

In order to find out your own business narrative ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What is the core idea behind your product or service?
  2. What do people already love about your product or service?
  3. What would your followers miss  about your business if you stopped sharing content?

The answers to these questions will help share your story. Combine this with your business goals and you now have a strategy.

For a more detailed look, check out my blog post  on the 6 steps that actually work when creating a content strategy.

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