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5 Ways To Celebrate World Chocolate Day

5 Ways to Get Involved in World Chocolate Day

It seems like there is a world or national day for just about every day now. For example, we just celebrated National Donut day in June. Well, July 7th is ‘World Chocolate Day.’ It is the day that the world comes together to celebrate one of the most delicious treats out there, as if we need an excuse!

Whether it be dark, milk, or white chocolate, World Chocolate Day is a great excuse to enjoy the delights of cocoa, either with a comforting favourite or by trying some new flavours!

Top 5 ideas to get involved in World Chocolate Day

Enjoy a chocolate ice cream.

It is smooth and creamy. The perfect idea for a chocoholic this summer is delicious, chocolate ice cream. Enjoy a scoop (or three) in a waffle cone with sprinkles and sauce or take it to the next level and enjoy a rich chocolate milkshake made from flavoursome chocolate ice cream – with whipped cream on top. In fact, make it an ice cream sundae – you are celebrating after all!

My recommendation for a take-home treat is Mullins Mallowy Chocolate Chunks Ice Cream tub as the Belgian chocolate is out of this world especially teamed with the marshmallow chunks. 

If I had to choose a milkshake made without ice cream, it would be the milk from Chestnutts Farm in Portrush with a splash of chocolate syrup. Chestnutt’s farm was the first of its kind in Northern Ireland, to provide a giant milk vending machine that is directly connected to the Chestnutt family milking parlour, meaning the whole milk is so fresh and delicious. 

Make a luxurious hot chocolate.

Whether you are sipping it from a flask on-the-go or enjoying it topped with marshmallows and squirty cream at home, there is no denying hot chocolate is a comfort we all enjoy.

My favourite hot chocolate is from Northern Ireland-based NearyNogs. This company has a vast array of hot chocolate options from dark chocolate to peppermint and chilli, but I recommend the white drinking chocolate version. It is so smooth and creamy, and the taste is heavenly. A special treat and definite must, all year round.

Bake a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cake.

When it comes to baking, cakes can be hit-or-miss, but a chocolate cake is always a hit. There is nothing better than a rich, moist chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. In fact, maybe there is something better than a chocolate cake and that would be a gooey chocolate fudge cake!

One that I love and that is easy to bake is the chocolate fudge cake from Jane’s Patisserie.  It is just such a treat to cut a big slice, heat it and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is a treat for the taste buds.

Munch on chocolate chip cookies.

The perfect 3 pm pick-me-up with a big mug of tea is a chocolate chip cookie. They are huge, a little crunchy and when you first bite into them they are so wonderfully chewy in the middle. Breaking the cookie in half, you can see the many layers of chocolate chips, and this makes a thick cookie the best.

My favourite chocolate chip cookies are the ones you can bake at home from a local independent coffee shop Blend and Batch, based in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. Already pre-made and ready to eat within 12-15 minutes depending on how gooey you want them; these cookies are packed with flavour and out of this world!

A great idea to celebrate World Chocolate Day is to send a giant Chocolate Chip Cookie from Ooh & Aah personalised with a message for the recipient. Who wouldn’t love to get that in the mail as a surprise? This is the perfect alternative to a card or flowers, especially for corporate gifting.

Feast on a delicious chocolate inspired scone

When it comes to Scones, I like mine to be full of flavour as opposed to only plain or fruit. While the basic one with jam and cream can be tasty once and a while, I do believe the tastier the better.

My favourite scones are from local County Armagh-based business Alana Interiors. The scones are big and bold while the flavours are inventive and there is always a great variety available. The toppings and fillings are deliciously fantastic for a sweet treat! Personally, I feel the Mars Bar or Raspberry and White chocolate are the best I have ever tasted (it is one of my five a day!)

Other ways to participate include:

  • Visit your favourite restaurant and indulge in a delicious chocolate dessert.
  • Host a chocolate tasting party and invite friends to bring their best chocolate recipes to share.
  • Learn about chocolates from around the world.
  • Read your kids a book about chocolate, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

World Chocolate Day is an opportunity to expand your chocolate horizons and try new flavours. If you find it impossible to decide, then why not just try all the above but, disclaimer, maybe not on the same day.

Be sure to post photos of your favourite chocolate treat on social media using #WorldChocolateDay.

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