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5 Ways To Cultivate Your Own Success

5 Ways To Cultivate Your Own Success

January is a realistic time to say you are going to set goals, everyone likes to think of a new years resolution to aim for. Its a tough month after the hype of December and lets be honest we are still eating left over Heroes or Roses and saying the diet starts in February.

That being said, how do you set goals and stay focused for success as we head through different sections of the year?

1. Start your day out right.

I started listening to motivational podcasts to help get me in the right mindset for what was going on in the world during Covid. It was a scary time and it was hard to compute the magnitude that this Covid pandemic was having on all of our lives.  I took this time to stick in my earphones, pop on a podcast and get out in the fresh air for a walk sometimes twice daily and I continue to do this now after the school run. If podcasts aren’t your thing make or follow a good playlist on Spotify or download an audio book. Those days when the weather is not great or I have a meeting and I do not get out or to listen to a podcast first thing I really notice the difference in my mood. It is a game changer. 

2. Have the belief to just give it a go.

In 2020 I announced that I was going to start my own business. I had been researching and planning this for a while but this positive mindset helped give me the courage to just go for it.  If you keep worrying about things, especially things that are out of your control, you wouldn’t go or do anything.

Am I wise starting a business in a pandemic?

Will I be good enough?

Will I get any clients?

If I had that doubting mindset I wouldn’t have been able to hit the publish button my first blog post, I wouldn’t have been able to tell my friends and family what I wanted to do and I certainly wouldn’t have the confidence to tell my clients that they have found the right person for them. Its like saying “I wonder if its raining in Belfast today? I might not go incase” well if it wasn’t then you missed out or what if it was and you still had the best time. You don’t know until you get there, so why wait.

3. Surround yourself with a positive community.

Things are so much easier to achieve success if you have a team behind you cheering you on. This can be in the form of your family, the right friends, a great social community on social media, a Facebook support group, a business mentor or a personal trainer. Whatever works for you. Those are the sort of people that you want as your people, your tribe, your squad. I could write a whole post on the negative effects of social media but that is what the block, mute and unfollow buttons are for. You don’t need that in your life and shouldn’t be involved in it either., its toxic. If you project positivity then it’s simple, your vibe will attract your tribe.

4. Manifest what you want.

I have only really discovered manifestation. Simply put, having a manifestation mindset is about clearly identifying your goals—what you want to manifest. Maintaining this mindset allows you to generate, create, or invite into your life what it is you want and need.

This might sound strange but its about the actual physical act of doing something to achieve your goal. The best example of this I can give to help explain this would be deciding that one of your goals is to own a Range Rover in the next five years. Always try and be time specific. You need to go to the Ranger Rover garage, see the car, sit in the car, take it for a test drive if possible, take in that new car smell then get out, shut the car door and step back and just look at it for a minute. When you get home write down the price and work out what you need to be earning/saving for the next 5 years to get that car or if you can save more you can get it sooner . Its manifesting the face that its not a dream, you have sat in it and it can be yours just as much as it could be anyone else. Its the physical act of seeing the car then going home and creating the plan. It does sound slightly strange but I believe its a good motivator.

5. Be realistic about a timescale.

Do not put pressure on yourself to achieve the impossible in a short time scale. You can be setting yourself up for disappointment and that just is not helpful.

One of my long term success goals is to stay in a water villa in somewhere like the Maldives. I have not physically seen them in real life but I have researched them on YouTube and seen numerous pictures but the goal is long term as I know with two small children and a world wide pandemic it just is not achievable at the minute.

Another one of my 5/10 year goals is to fly first/business class. I was able to manifest this when I went on my honeymoon as we flew Premium to Cuba, basically the stage before first class. I stepped onto the plane and I turned left, went behind that special curtain and was greeted with Champagne. I know that feeling and that has definitely helped me to say to myself that it will happen.

Set your goals into different timescale brackets and it can be as simple as what you want to achieve that day, this week, by next month or it can be longer term like 12 weeks from now, by next July, by 2030. As long as you have the time line and that is what you want, you will achieve it if you want it bad enough.

Now go back to start of the blog post and read out what I have written in bold under each section. Tell yourself this on repeat and go and get those goals!

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