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How To Deliver Quality Content

How To Deliver Quality Content

Quality content is a by product of a carefully thought out marketing plan. The average user only spends about 10-15 seconds on your website so you need to make these seconds count by creating content they want to see, will be relevant to them and serve a purpose for their needs.

What is Quality Content?

  • It answers a question
  • It is written for humans, not always a search engine
  • It engages the user
  • It is helpful and creates value
  • It provides a unique perspective

What are examples of poor content?

  • It attempts to confuse or manipulate the reader
  • It is irrelevant
  • It contains errors – factual or grammatical
  • It is hard to read and full of jargon
  • It lacks originality

How can you deliver it?

  1. Set the tone – the tone of writing needs to reflect the brand
  2. Be Consistent – use the same style across all platforms
  3. Less is more – quality over quantity always
  4. Know your audience – content must resonate with them
  5. Make it personal – post your reviews, testimonials, quotes – be the leader in your field

What is the takeaway from this?

  • Do not try to fool the system – be authentic
  • Always be creating new and engaging content for your reader/clients
  • Do not miss opportunities to create relevant content for your customers
  • Always revert back to your content marketing strategy to make sure you are still focused on the end goal.

Quality content delivers dramatic results and it is up to the business to drive this powerful marketing tool through either their own inhouse team or by hiring a professional/freelance content writer. The opportunity to grow the business or brand should not be missed because the right resources or person are not in place. Content is and will always be king.

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